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Dr.Wade is now Acupuncture Certified!!! for many of you who are unsure of what acupuncture truly is here are some facts:

  • What is Veterinary Acupuncture?

    Acupuncture may be defined as the insertion of needles into specific points on the body to produce a healing response. Each acupuncture point has specific actions when stimulated. This technique has been used in veterinary practice in China for thousands of years to treat many ailments. The Chinese also use acupuncture as preventative medicine. Acupuncture is used all around the world, either along or in conjunction with Western medicine, to treat a wide variety of conditions in every species of animal. Clinical research has been conducted showing positive results in the treatment of both animals and humans, and the use of acupuncture is increasing. Acupuncture will not cure every condition, but it can work very well when it is indicated.

  • For Which Conditions is Acupuncture Indicated?

Acupuncture is indicated for functional problems such as those that involve paralysis, noninfectious inflammation (such as allergies), and pain. For small animals, the following are some of the general conditions which may be treated with acupuncture:

Musculoskeletal problems, such as arthritis, intervertebral disk disease, or traumatic nerve injury

Respiratory problems, such as feline asthma

Skin problems such as lick granulomas and allergic dermatitis

Gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea

Selected reproductive problems

In western medical terms, acupuncture can assist the body to heal itself by affecting certain physiological changes. For example, acupuncture can stimulate nerves, increase blood circulation, relieve muscle spasm, and cause the release of hormones, such as endorphins (one of the body’s pain control chemicals) and cortisol (a natural steroid). Although many of acupuncture’s physiological effects have been studied, many more are still unknown. Further research must be conducted to discover all of acupuncture’s effects and its proper uses in veterinary medicine.

​Here are some of Dr.Wade Current cases

​​                                                          This is an avian patient who has anxiety and was plucking out feathers. owners had been trying medication for anxiety with no improvement. So they decided on trying the acupuncture with herbal medications.

                         This little baby jumped off a balcony after a cat and has lost most of her ability to use her back legs. Dr. Wade has done 4 acupuncture sessions so far on her and she is improving.

                      This is called a lick granuloma basically its where the patient has this obsession with licking there legs to the point of open wounds. This becomes a habit to them. This patient is on an anxiety medication as well as herbals perscribed by Dr.Wade.

This little girl has been having issues with her back legs this is her first treatment. We thinks she likes it because as you can see she was falling asleep :)

Jaxson came in with back issues and has spinal stenosis and unfortunately there is no cure for this disease. His owners have been getting him acupuncture and he seems so relaxed when the procedure is taking place.

Dr. Wade's current acupuncture case today meet Ms Bella Rose. :) This baby suffers from arthritis and has a very hard time moving her back end.

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Monthly Special
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The entire staff is amazing. Both Dr.s Slaybaugh and Wade are so thorough and caring. All of the nurses and support staff are so sweet and genuinely care about our pets. I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you all so much!

Stephanie M.
Wichita Falls, TX

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