We provide your animal with the finest care and facility while you are gone.

Boarding Rates:

Per Night Per Animal

K9 Run: RUNS $20.00/Night

K9 Large: LARGE CAGES $15.00/Night (The large are the bottom kennels in the picture)

K9 Small-Medium: SMALL/MED CAGES $12.OO/Night. (Top row of Kennels)

Feline: $12.00/Night

Birds, rabbits, lizards, guinea pigs, mice, rat, ferrets : $12.00/Night

For All Birds, Rabbits, Lizards, Guinea Pigs, Mice, Rat, Ferrets your own Cage/Food is required!

If your animal requires daily medication or special food, there will be a $7.00 medication fee added to the nightly stay rate.

We require all animals to be vaccinated for the following in order to board:







We also look over your animal upon arrival to ensure that no animal comes in carrying anything that could be passed to another hospitalized or boarding animal.

If your animal has fleas or ticks we will treat the animal accordingly and at the owners expense.

Boarding charges are based on the number of nights that your pet stays at A Caring Heart Veterinary Hospital. Pets may be dropped off or picked up between the hours of 7:30am and 5:30pm Monday-Thursday, 7:30am and 12:00, then 2:00 to 5:30 pm on Fridays and between 8:00am and 11:00am on Saturdays.

Boarding forms may be filled out prior to dropping your pet off, or when you arrive at A Caring Heart Veterinary Hospital, PLLC.

Boarding Your Friend!


Holidays are an extremely busy time and book full early. Be sure to get your reservation in as soon as you obtain the dates boarding will be needed!!!


The Cat Rooms are 28″ x 28″ x 28″ and they are perfect for cats to lay the day away napping. Cat cages are $12 per cat, per night.

We provide all bedding, food and water dishes, and food. You may bring your own bedding and toys if you want.

You may also bring your own food and medications, there is a $7 fee per night.

This room is away from the dogs so the cat doesn’t get stressed out and it is in a controlled climate.

We require reservations to stay at the kennel so be sure to give us a call when you have secured dates. We want to make sure we have adequate room for your pet!

The following SHOT REQUIREMENTS must be met to enter the kennel: Rabies and FVRCPC.


Our walking yard is surrounded on all sides by an 8ft chain link fence. They are walked a minimum of 4 times per day and they are never left alone in the yard. Our property is closed off to the public we have a security gate that is padlocked during our closed periods.

We provide bedding, food and water bowls, and we feed Royal Canin  ID (a sensitive stomach diet to all the pets boarding here. ) You are encouraged to bring bedding, toys, etc. to make your pet feel at home.

You may also bring your own food and medication at a minimal cost of $7 per night, per animal.

  1. Runs: Runs are 6’6 H x 4’10 D x 3′ x L.The runs are indoor and is designed so the dogs can be in a quiet controlled area. They are boarded in a room that is temperature controlled. They dogs are taken out to potty on a regular basis of 4 times at minimum. We try to stay as close to the home setting as we can. Runs are $20 per dog, per night
  2. Small/Medium Cages: The s/m cage is 28″ x 28″ x 28″. They are in a temperature controlled room. They are perfect for dogs under 40lbs. They are taken out at a minimum of 4 times per day. S/M cages are $12 per dog/per night.
  3. Large Cages: Large cages are 28″ H x 28″ D x 46″ W. They are in a temperature controlled room. They are perfect for dogs under 50lbs. They are taken out at a minimum of 4 times per day. Large cages are $15 per dog, per night.
  4. Dog Day Care: Doggy Day Care is available within our operating hours and is $7 per day.

The following are our requirements to board in the kennel. Shot records MUST be up to date!

  • Rabies every year unless the Rabies Certificate states that the vaccination is a three year vaccine.
  • Dhpp/C or DhLpp/C every year
  • Bordetella (once a year if injectable or every 6 months if oral or nasal)
  • Influenza


We do board exotics of all kinds, you are required to provide their own food and cage. The cost is $12 per night per animal.

Toys and bedding are allowed. All toys and bedding left with your pet are left at your own risk. A Caring Heart Veterinary Hospital, PLLC will not be responsible for any damage or loss during your pet’s stay. All bedding must be clean and free of parasites. Pets will be checked for fleas and ticks at the time of check-in. If your pet has fleas or ticks they will treated at the owners expense before entering the kennel.

If you would like to your pet to be bathed, vaccinated, nails trimmed or anal glands expressed, or any thing else done before they go home please share this information with us at check in.

You are encouraged to come and tour the boarding facilities any time we are open!